Burning feet

Hello friends,
Do you have burning feet like me? Before this condition, I was the girl with “cold feet” but now my feet burns, sometimes itches and souls of them are reddish. Is it a common PSC symptom?

Hi Stephen,

I regularly control my blood sugar level, I don't have diabetes. I don't have any pain just my feet burns, itches and they turn to red sometimes.

I will have blood test for vitamin levels, thanks.


Big Steel said:

Hi Evrim,

I too have foot issues, burning, shooting pain, red blotches that look like blood under the skin, bruising. My Doctors do not believe it has anything to do with PSC. In my case, it is due to crushed discs. Yours could be diabetes related or a sedentary lifestyle or a combination of reasons.

Do you have any associated pain or just burning, itchy symptoms ? You could be experiencing an allergic reaction as well. If you have pain then we could be talking about neuropathic problems. A lack of vitamin K can be a possible reason and PSC can deplete certain vitamin levels in your body, K being one of them. A simple blood test to get checked for vitamin A, k, E and D would give you some clues.

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Hi Detmsh,

I'm really sorry this condition prevents your activites. My life has changed too. I have to take my medicines properly, I don't feel free to go anywhere I want or do what I want. When I'm outside, I always check the time and it's really disturbing... I always carry a big backpack for my medicines, a bottle of water, some healthy food... Also, I get tired easily, so I try to do light exercises and meditation.

This is our life now.. :(

Take care, stay happy and healthy,


detmsh said:

Hi Evrim -

I have a big problem with both sensory and motor neuropathy. I'm not able to function at all like I have in the past, partly due to the pain & numbness (feet/legs/hands) but mostly from the overall reduced muscle coordination. Had to give up hockey, golf, etc but I still force myself to exercise with light weights and walk a lot which seems to help. My strength is gone but the light weights still do a good job ... I just have to get used to the fact that I can't lift the heavy amounts like I did in my bodybuilding days.

My feet are usually very sore and I always wear socks, even to bed. Tend to want to keep the blankets off as well when I sleep. Constantly wiggling and stretching them too. Using soft shoe inserts as well to help.

Big Steel, it's interesting that your doctors don't indicate an association with PSC. Seems even the doctors are unsure about some of the PSC issues. My doctors do think the PSC and neuropathy are linked but not all patients suffer to the same degree. Fun stuff this PSC.

I have had burning feet intermittently throughout the years...I have to run my feet under freezing cold water to sleep. I usually experience this with exacerbation of itching symptoms which are sometimes coupled with an allergic type hay fever.

Do you take cholestyramine or colestipol? I have always thought that this may be caused by bile salts triggering a histamine in the skin or something.

Hi HeartToHeal,
I don’t take cholestyramine or colestipol, my doctor didn’t recommend because my cholesterol level is normal.
I think these burnings and itchings are normal in our condition. We shall accept and learn to live with them…

Cholestyramine is not just for cholerterol issues. Before statins it was the med of choice to help lower cholesterol levels but the dosage needed to do this was so high that it was not well tolerated by most people.

For PSC cholestyramine helps by causing excess bile not processed by the liver to get flushed out in your stool instead of your bloodstream (and eventually through your skin which is what causes excessive itching). For us PSC'ers it is the go-to med to help reduce itching. Your doctor should know this if he is familiar with PSC...

Ok, I'm going to ask my doctor about it, thanks..

I have had burning / itching feet for years, even before my first symptoms of PSC. It almost always is worse at night. The only relief I have found is soaking them in a bucket of cold water for a few minutes. This provides relief for about 15 minutes before they are hot again. I know I'm not crazy because I can take my hand and feel the warmth, they are physically warm to the touch. Somebody needs to invent air conditioner socks.

My son was saying that his feet were burning and itching the other day, I thought it was due to his getting his feet wet in his snowboarding boots. Maybe that was not the cause.

My son was saying that he had itchy burning feet but I thought it was because he feet sweat in his snowboard boots but maybe that’s not the cause.

Good morning Evrim,

burning feet and some itching, mostly at night, seems to be normal. I have it as well, sometimes more, sometimes less, I got used to it as part of my small duct PSC ...