Blood results

hi. my wife went to do a full liver blood count and the results were very surprising. the liver blood test results are almost normal. has anyone with psc experienced this. we are afraid to get too excited thinking that this might be the lull before the storm. I will give some examples.

the range for total bilirubin is 2-26 . in January her count was 79. it is now 32

the range for AST(GOT) is less than 35. in January her count was 107. it is now 38

the range for alkaline phospaptate is 51-117. her count has always been above 400. it is now 268.

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What has she been doing for it....I know with me...after regular prayer and guidance to start vegetable juicing and eating organic foods and started a nutritional balancing program... all my blood work has returned to normal for the last year now....praise God for His ability to do anything and be happy and thankful. Glad to hear your results.

I am sorry to say, but I experienced the same thing before my first liver transplantatation… the scar tissue is probably still growing, but may be less rapidly. Its hard to say whats happening, and If you did something to get better, it cold be why… Best wishes!

Friday morning I wake up and find both of my legs and feet swollen with water. Was getting to the point where it was painful, I call my doctors office, he has me go to the E/R to get a work up. Well I couldn’t believe my ears when he said my liver markers were normal. So here I am reading some of your experiences, and I am thinking woww. I haven’t had normal liver enzymes for months. Suppose I should be grateful. The E/R doctor said it happens all the time. Just continue with what your doing and be grateful.

Hi Noor,

My sons blood book has been back to normal since November. :) He still struggles with fatigue but other than that he is doing great.


thanks for all the feedback.



Do you follow a specific diet plan? Please share so we can try to do the same. What do you juice?

Well I'm no expert but have looked into some of Dr Cabot's juicing books as well as secondary research on vegetables and herbs that have properties beneficial to the issues that of psc. I typically juice carrot, kale, dandelion root or leaves, beets, parsley, ginger root, celery. There are other things that are beneficial such as radish, cabbage, lemon, and Apple. I follow Dr Wilson's nutritional balancing program with supplements, eating many cooked vegetables, near infrared sauna therapy, and more. Know that I'm no expert and can't give you medical advice and only offer what has worked for me specifically. I mostly contribute my healing to God and His power. I believe that He has placed all the natural resources here for us to heal ourselves... and I try to stay away from western medicine that includes lots of prescription drugs. I also have UC and have completely gone off medicine for that after I started taking probiotics along with the other healing therapies with no active colitis on my last colonoscopy. Hope this helps....there is hope, remember...God is good.

hi mike. my wife is not following a special diet plan. she is however having a small glass of juice every morning. the juice is made by liquidizing fresh carrots, beetroots and broccoli. she is also taking pre and probiotic tablets as well as vitamin e and k . we however feel that what is helping her the most is prayer as non of the stuff she is taking is supposed to have such a quick impact. she prays a lot and has a lot of faith in GOD. this is the best advice I can give you.

I was comparing you labs to my hubby's latest ones and I wonder why the normals on yours is different from what his lab sheet says is normal. =/

hi Sonia96. your lab results are quoted in mg/dL while ours are quoted in umo1/L . we are from south Africa so I assume the labs here are using different measurement units compared to yours.