Anemia, IgG & EOS Levels (with normal Liver Enzymes?)

Hi Everyone

Our 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with PSC about a year ago. After a rocky start (huge spike in liver enzymes, hospitalization, etc), we have now had normalized liver enzymes since late January (ALT / AST / ALK / GGT). However, she still has several other markers for liver disease and / or Autoimmune disease including Anemia (per CBC), elevated IgG, elevated SED Rates, high EOS%, high RDW-CV, low Creatinine, high Protein and positive ANA and ASMA antibodies. Has anyone else seen this sort of profile? Is it possible that these other markers may come into range now that the liver enzymes have normalized, but perhaps lag by a few months? We'd like to be excited about the normal liver enzymes, but really aren't sure what all these other levels mean. Any experience would be very helpful. Thanks!

(our daughter is on Urso and 75mg / day of Immuran...we're considering beginning a protocol of ALA, Milk Thistle, B-Complex, D3 and Omega 3-6-9 to help repair a damaged liver)