Liver enzyme increase

Hello everyone. I am new to the group and will offer more about myself a little later. I’m just kind if anxious right now. I just received my lab results and had thought going into it that they would be slightly elevated but similar to prior results. The three that are elevated are the alt (sgpt) 169, ast (sgot) 134, and the alk phos at 927. The alt and ast are higher than they have ever been. The alk phos is higher than before but not the highest it’s been (1186). Six months ago they were 55, 57, and 604 respectively. Has this happened to anyone else and/or would people mind sharing their numbers as I have no idea what people with PSC usually have for these readings. Thanks in advance and thank you for creating this group.

Hi, thanks for the comment. I thought that was the case but hearing someone else that has PSC was really helpful.