Bilurubin jump - help?

Hello all:

2010 numbers:

Bilirubin, 0.85 ((0.00-1.20 mg/dL)

ALT 256 (0-45 U/L)

AST 249 (0-35 U/L)

Alkaline Phosphatase, 467 (30-115 U/L)

June 2015: Bilrubin, 0.85

August 2015:

Bilrubin, 3.1

ALT: 300

AST: 288

Akl Phos: 637

Has anyone had bilirubin jump that high in a MONTH?

What could that signify?

Dennis -

Thanks for the reply. Did your numbers go back down? If so, was there anything you did differently, or rather, did at all that you believe helped?


LillyAnne, it seems like all our numbers go haywire during a cholangitis attack. With an elevated bili level like that, look out for a greyish skin tone, bad breath and higher than usual levels of fatigue. Those were my indicators of an attack.

My doc had told me that if I had an unexplained fever of over 101, to get to the ER. My bili was at 6.4, and due to the balloon procedure by ERCP and antibiotics, was down to a 1.5 just 5 days later.

Like Dennis, was on the metro for a week or so afterwards.