Blood test translations

Sorry for all the newbie questions, but can anyone help translate these blood test numbers?

Albumin, 4.1 (3.5-5.0 g/dL)

Bilirubin, 0.85 ((0.00-1.20 mg/dL)

ALT 256 (0-45 U/L)

AST 249 (0-35 U/L)

Alkaline Phosphatase, 467 (30-115 U/L)

I'm only posting the results from the categories that are relevant to PSC (at least from what I can tell). Asymptomatic patient.

Thanks all!!!

I use this website to learn about each values.

Albumin is within normal range, Bilirubin is within normal range, ALT & AST are elevated as is Alk Phos.

However with the Bilirubin, they typically look at Direct Bilirubin, Indirect Bilirubin and Total Bilirubin.. The Total Bilirubin is the most important of those. All of these tests are checking the liver enzymes. In PSC, these levels can be elevated, particularly during an exacerbation. But people can have elevated AST, ALT & Alk Phos levels but have a stable condition. In PSC, total Bilirubin levels that are above normal indicate potential blockage within the biliary system somewhere.When levels are elevated, usually more than 4.0, the skin starts to turn yellow.

I would think that if this individual had these chemistries ordered, that someone is either doing routine lab screening for a potential liver problem, or has PSC and is having routine lab draws, or just had a physical exam. Now, a normal person would not be on the PSC site, at least I wouldn’t think so, so it seems to reason that the individual who had the labs drawn is being monitored for something GI related, I.e. PSC, Liver disease, etc. This person should speak to the doctor who ordered the tests and ask for an explanation pertaining to their condition. Amy opinion…

Such good information. Very informative for new PSCers to understand. Thanks.

Alkaline Phosphate- when elevated causes fatigue and itching. Mine was almost 700, and I looked like a meth addict, because I could not control the itching in my sleep. The doctor gave me cholestipol 1g 4x a day and atarax to help with the itching.

AST & ALT- are liver function levels. Have you been diagnosed with anyone yet? I was first dx with PBC, but my results were negative when they got my blood test back and my liver biopsy, but the doctor was "99.9%" sure that I had it anyways. I ended up going to Duke after a year when my liver enzymes were not dropping. After blood work, MRCP, a second liver biopsy, I showed signs of PSC. THey did a 2nd ERCP, where they found a mass on my ampul of valer, its a muscle in the bile duct just before it meets your small intestines. They put a stint in and my levels dropped to normal within 2 weeks! I hope this helps!

Hello all! Thanks so much for all of the replies. The tests are from an asymptomatic PSC patient, recently diagnosed (December 2014). We are following up with the medical college of WI. Initial doctor was completely inept (see my other post - The Start). Patient presented pain described as "gas like" pressure underneath the center of the rib cage in May of 2013, months of blood tests and one biopsy later, there's a diagnosis, although the doctor did admit he had mistakenly diagnosed a patient with PSC when they actually had PBC (hence the follow up with a major medical center). Follow up occurs this month, so we'll hopefully know more, but trying to be as informed as possible upon presentation to the next step.

Again thank you all so very much!