Best protein supplement for liver?

hey everybody I wanted to know which protein supplements are the easiest for the liver to digest;soy,whey,hemp,rice?

This is a tough question.

I would not use about it. It really is NOT a good source.

I use Flax seed oil, Coconut oil, Fish oil, Whey [careful to buy a good one], good eggs, raw milk [of course MANY will disagree]...

Happy Thanks-Giving: mona

Thank you so very much.I will be more conscientious when buying my whey protein supplements.

Supplements are a lifeless food.

I get my proteins mostly from freshly pressed vegetable juice - carrots, celery, radishes, beets, lettuce, cabbage, and Indo-European legumes. I avoid meats until I feel that I must have them. Chicken cooked in water they say is the only meat allowed for people with liver disease in my native Croatia, as well as egg whites.

My take is that one has to restore the body the same way ancestors did thousands of years ago so I stopped supplementing because home cooked-prepared and raw and non GMO is the real way one can get the most nutrients because our stomachs are made for this - not powders and supplements.

Here's a site that will tell you all about food, the best resource that I've seen, it's a food info search engine that displays all data on any food you search for from nutrient,vitamin, mineral to protein content with graphs and charts in regards to daily recommended amounts"

Another invaluable site for info on food and it's healing properties is World's Healthiest Foods. They post and cite research in regards to foods and their healing properties:

I have lowered my enzymes an normalized my bilirubin 2x with raw vegetable juicing. My view is that raw vegetable protein from many different plant species is essential. Hope this helps.

My doctor recommends plant based protein only. I am currently on oral Vancomycin and she says I should stay clear of whey and soy. (Dr. Davies)