Back pain on right side

Yesterday, while getting ready to drive home after a tennis match, I felt something new.

While settling into my seat, I pushed back as far as I could into the seat. In doing so, I felt some pain a few inches below the right shoulder blade. It is still there the next day.

I understand about ruq pain, but do any of you have any pain from the back?

I do not know if this is liver-related or not.

Any thoughts?

I have ruq pain that also hurts below the shoulder blade, it does not stay long.

While driving, I no longer have that pain in my back, so 'm putting this in the false alarm category. The muscles in my back must have been fussing at me, like the rest of my body, for not stretching enough before the match.

Salukis, I am glad that pain does not stay long, and I hope it gets to be a rare occasion when it arises.



It’s definitely liver related. I’ve noticed right shoulder pain for at least 14 months now. It comes and goes. I find the worst is my back pain lately, along with the urq pain that never seems to go away now. Still no reason to see my liver specialist says my gastro doc. Makes you wonder…

Seeker, with what you're going through, I will keep your advice on the front burner. I would go to the liver doc regardless of what your GI doc says.

I see my liver doc in early November, and will talk with him then about it.

Seems that I am very attuned to every little ache, pain, discomfort that my body tries to throw my way.


Just saw this post, but I'll tell you, the worse my liver got the more pain I had in my lower right quadrant just above my belt area. As you know the liver wraps around to your back and this ached all the time. My dear daughter or wife would rub me just about every time they walked by me when I was conveniently sitting there. Sounds like you found out it was something else, but this is something to keep an eye out for.