Neck pain, fatigue, UQ Discomfort

Was clipping along, symptom free for the past few weeks, and after a weekend where I probably did not get adequate rest, I came home, and possibly overate a bit…and that night Experianced chills, nausa, fatigue and slight pain. It has been two days, and although improving, still have slight upper quadrant discomfort, as well as in my neck near my collar bone. No jaundice now or ever…the doctors believe I am in the very early stages of PSC. Any advice on what to do or will this pass with time?

When was the last time you had LFT labs run? You may be having a blockage forming which may need attention. If your bilirubin level is up there around 4.5 or higher they may want to do an ERCP to rule out a stricture. Of course since you are not indicating that you are itching that may or may not be the case. We all respond differently to these situations. RUQ pain with PSC. You may even notice it creeping around your right side to your lower back. That’s another sign to watch out for that for me was an indication of increased bilirubin due to blockage in the ducts.


Hi Jkozwmu,

Mark has covered most of the aspects.

Please don’t take this lightly, visit your doctor and make sure you run all the labs as per advice. I have this disease from 2013 and with every year approaching this disease progresses, whatever research I have read and what my doctors told me “there is no cure for the disease except liver transplant” if you are positive for PSC, “I hope it’s not” please follow your doctor advise strictly. This will help you a lot.

I just had labs done last month…bilirubin came back at .7, so right down the middle,all liver enzymes down about 10% across the board, or more, was staged at .36 on the Mayo scale and all imaging (ct/mri of my liver/bile ducts) came back without any blockages, just narrowing. That is why this is confusing, although I occasionally have had bouts of symptoms over short periods of time.

Always check with your doctor but 23 years after diagnosis, low dose ursidiol and milk thistle are working well for me. Pain in lower right occurs if I miss daily meds. I also take doctor approved vitamins, supplements, probiotics and just started polyphenols four months ago. (Bilirubin now has returned to normal range. LFTs recently improved about 20% or so.)

As the ad guys say, your results may vary, but maybe gave you a thought starter.

Peace be with you and be well.

Hello Jkozwmu,

I’m glad to hear your labs in September came in looking OK. My advice though, go again if possible. I saw changes in my partner’s labs week-to-week at times. There was an incident years ago where my husband needed to have an ERCP done due to blockage that had randomly developed in a matter of days. The GI doc at the time had no explanation other than ‘PSC does what it wants, when it wants’.

Keep us posted, we care,