Dull Ache

First time poster.
I have had PSC and UC for about 5 years, mostly trouble free but four months ago I had three admissions to hospital in the space of a month, all for high fever and vomiting which was treated with a course of IV anti-biotics.

For the last couple of weeks I have been getting the occasional dull ache upper right abdomen just under the rib line, I assume it is my liver as it is about where I get the pain when I have the infection when bile ducts are restricted.

I currently have no other symptoms, do other people have this, and is it something I just have to accept and live with.

That is a very common indication for possible bile duct strictures. Have you had your LFT’s checked lately? What is your latest bilirubin reading? You may be due for an ERCP to clear the ducts. If you start running fever though over 102 you need to get to the ER and/or start the course of antibiotics that your hepatologist hopefully gave you when infections like this come up. I always kept a full prescription for Cipro for infections. Good luck.

PSC 2011 / Liver Transplant 2015

Had an ERCP when I was last in hospital in October when they dilated the ducts out to 8mm with a balloon. Have a meeting with consultant in February and having bloods done just prior to this so he should be able to tell if markers are up

Sounds good Dilbert. With you having PSC for 5 or more years, I will say that when my disease had progressed to a point prior to transplant I had two ERCP’s within months of each other. Not saying that’s your case by any means but it’s not unheard of to have to go back in sooner than later. I hope your appointment goes well in February. Please let us know how things turn out.


I had that upper right abdomen thing for about three years. It’s not really pain or ache. It’s just kind of constant and uncomfortable swelling feel in that area. Feels like it just kept reminding me that I had a problem them. At that time, my liver functions tests were abnormal but bilirubin levels were in normal range. Later when jaundice started to show up, that uncomfortable feel actually went away. I didn’t have any infection during those three years.
So just you know, PSC is a very weird disease.

I would have what I call twinges. Bits of pain, sometimes sharp, others just uncomfortable, like my liver wanted to remind me it was still there. I would toy with myself when I got these twinges, saying, “Well, there goes another bile duct.” With psc, you have to have a sense of humor, however macabre.

So, in short, ruq pain and discomfort is par for the course with psc. Dilbert, you’re
in good company!