Right side and back pains, both dull and sharp

Hi! I don’t want to overreact, it’s probably normal. This is the second day with pain on my right side. It went away for a few hours, but came back. Most of the time, the pain is what I think people call dull, but it also gets sharp and takes my breath away. Yesterday, my side hurt to touch, but it seems okay today.

I don’t have a gallbladder, and the PSC is in the small ducts. I’m not nauseous, and haven’t been since it started. No fever. Just this out of the blue pain and the ever present fatigue.

Is this just a weird PSC thing?

The pains you referred to are pains associated with PSC. If they continue I would encourage you to speak with your hepatologist. They may want to do MRI imaging to rule out a blockage.


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Sometimes I tortured myself when I had ruq pains, saying, “There goes another bile duct.” Dark humor, I know, but having a sense of humor helps get us through the day.

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@fcmmark, I’m due for my annual MRCP.

@JeffDC1 that’s what I thought, too!

Thanks to you both. :wink:

Hi, as you know I have small duct psc too. I have sometimes experienced a dull ache, nothing more than an awareness that something doesn’t feel right and I only experienced a sharp pain as part of my first symptoms that first took me to hospital and I didn’t get a definitive answer about what was causing this or where it was coming from. It was in the centre of my chest under my sternum. Definitely worth getting it checked out I would say.


Rick, I had pain/discomfort many times halfway between my sternum and belly button.

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Thanks, @rick. I spent most of the weekend not feeling well. Sunday was worse; headache and mild nausea, but no fever.
I’ve had intermittent pain/discomfort before, but not for this long. It’s a drag. :confused: