Anyone know about Berberine?

I have been recommended for a new drug trial involving Berberine, which is an old Chinese remedy I’ve never heard of that can be bought over the counter. It will be added to my Urso dose for the trial. Anyone have experience or knowledge about this new thing I’ll be trialing?

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Please share any feedback you receive. Can you tell the expectation from the use of this herb?

Hi Leslie,

We learnt about barberries (which contains barberine) recently and many of its benefits, it does come with an impressive long list. There are studies which show that barberries increase Akkermansia Muciniphila in the gut, improve the mucus layer and gut barrier integrity. In a lot of metabolic & chronic diseases, Akkermansia seems to be low and improving the abundance of Akkermansia in the gut is thought to show positive outcomes overall.

Below meta study does show improvements in NAFLD with barberine. []

There is a lot to learn about Akkermansia and how one can improve the abundance of this naturally. There are no supplements for this and can eat healthy foods like kiwi fruits, concord grape juice, pomegranate, cranberries, navy beans, mangoes, walnuts, fish oil, mulberry etc…

We tried barberries but my son doesn’t like the sour taste. My 10 year old daughter is eating them to prevent acne.


Goodluck with your trial and hope you will have some good news to share with us in future. Great positive story by the way and glad you shared.

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I’ve been taking it for about six months now to help with my osteoporosis. It’s a supplement I purchase online. No idea if it’s helping my bone disease. It doesn’t seem to have made any difference in liver enzymes or remaining symptoms of UC.

I started it as part of the medical study at Vanderbilt and had to stop the study because of COVID. Even though the study was stopped, I continued Berberine because it is fairly cheap and OTC. My last liver panel was the first time my liver enzymes have been lower than the previous lab draw in over 15 years.

Glad you had some success attributed to it.

I’ve also been taking it for about a year now to help with osteoporosis. No idea how it might be effecting my liver but I’m hoping it’s helping strengthen my bones. (And, O dear, I see I commented over a year ago, above :slight_smile: