An amazing true story of courage and generosity

Hi everyone,

This story recently appeared in our local newspaper. It’s an incredible story of a 21 year old woman who decides to get tested and was able to donate a portion of her liver to a 39 neighbour and mother. It’s a great story for a number of obvious reasons but as we all know, many of us will be facing a liver transplant at some point. Liver donors are one option.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did. Ironically these two people live fairly close to me in the same town.


Woooow!I can’t stop crying!

Erica Tomlinson WE’RE PROUD OF YOU!

Stephen thanks for the nice article!:slight_smile:

I read this yesterday and articles like that really give me hope. I know ideally it would be nice if no one needed a liver transplant, but we all know that unfortunately the majority of PSC sufferers will need one. Reading an article like this is so touching and inspirational. :)

Erica Tomlinson is someone that is truly inspirational.

Thank you Stephen.

Ditto. I was tempted to email everyone I know the link, but then I hesitated. I am still toying with the idea.

Hope it gets lots of publicity. It should be on the front of the site.

PrincessD's Mum

Love that both women look 'forward to showing off their new scars'!

Thanks for sharing, Stephen. Great read.

Ok....I bit the bullet and emailed it out to people. You are right. The more we publicise the better it will be. I too believe PrincessD will have to go down that route.

Take care for now.

PrincessD's Mum