What about kidney stuff and PSC

Anyone have red urine (no, not dark or brownish or orange… But red) and lower back pain… General feeling bad? Stage 4 but generally functioning ok. Pruitis drives me nuts and fatigued most of the time… some jaundice lately worse than normal and pain in URQ moreso lately. Gastro/hepatologist have me on cipro now for possible cholangitis attack. No fever though this time. Concerned about kidneys due to the back pain and the red urine.

Red urine would be a lot scarier to me than dark yellow. At least we know what causes that, and you're dealing with it. To my unmedical mind, red in the urine says blood. I would get a referral to a nephrologist very quickly.

You already have enough on your plate to have to deal with something else. I hope it resolves quickly.


Do a simple urine test will tell you a lot before seeing a specialist. If there is blood cell or protein, then you need to be careful.

For me, I have a stone in my right kidney. It never caused me any trouble for many years. If I had pain at my right side, I'll definitely to exclude that out first.

Sounds like another roller coaster ride beginning. Glad your kidneys are ok.