Another cholangitis attack

Hey All, I’m currently having an attack with fevers pushing 103 when not taking tylenol (as sparingly as possible) I started a round of Cipro thos afternoon as I have them on hand to do a lot of travel in the past.

My questions are: does anyone get harsh lower left abdomen pain (back pain too) during their attacks?

Does anyone get kidney or gallstones that may lead to sharp urinary tract pain or pain on the inside of leg/groin area?

Hope the Cipro has kicked in. I was diagnosed with PSC in 2010 after having my gallbladder removed. Fortunately for me my PSC seems to be progressing slowly…I have never had pain in the lower abdomen region. During a flareup my pain has always been in the upper right quadrant sometimes radiating into the back. Sounds like your lower left pain might be unrelated to the PSC. You should consult a Urologist could possibly be a urinary tract infection or stone…I hope you feel better…Dave

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Glass Half-Full,
How are you doing this week? Were you able to get the fevers under control with the Cipro? If your fevers keep climbing to about 101.5 I would definitely encourage you to go to your ER as in us PSC patients indicates a possible cholangitis attack/infection. It can get really serious real fast so be sure and always call your hepatologist when this happens. Every liver transplant/hepatology department serving PSC patients should have an on-call nurse or doctor that the hospital will page for you. I hope you improve soon.
I’ve been in the hospital since Saturday evening coming in with high fever and chills. Mine is a post-transplant issue but my transplant team takes these episodes very seriously. Good luck.


Thanks for the comments. Ever since my hospitalization for several weeks during a bad infection a few years ago, every attack brings out my worst fears that accompany PSC. Luckily, my PSC has only progressed slowly and every attack I’ve had has been solved by a round of cipro including the latest attack. The pack pain and urinary tract pain goes away along with the attacks. Back pain is a good predictor (painful one) but at least it allows me to start restricting diet further and taking in less fat than I already do. Emory just tells me to report to ER, very little attentiveness whenever I seek assistance during an attack and have since pushed me away from doing an annual ERCP, mainly because of a not having someone on staff who is experienced enough. First ERCP outside of DC at Emory was poorly completed with even worse follow up care. Trying to transfer to Mayo Jacksonville but waiting on a work transfer. If transfer fails I will attempt a transfer to Duke.

I can tell you first hand that Duke takes excellent care of its Transplant and liver patents. I’m here now and have been under their care since 2011. Take care.


The times I have had sepsis, the main symptoms were fever and chills. Abdominal pain was not present.
When pre-tx, Piedmont had given me a standing order to get to the ER if my temp hit 101.

That was good advice, I think, with cholangitis attacks in mind. Your doc could get documentation to get you additional meld points.

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