Ursodiol Causing "Morning Sickness" for Anyone?

Hi Everyone

My Daughter (11) recently restarted Urso and has been feeling very sick in the mornings. She often feels abdominal pain / cramping and nausea and frequently vomits (couple times per week). Her Liver Enzymes are all normal (happily) so I think it's either the Urso or simply a symptom of her UC. Has anyone else experienced this? Did it resolve when you went off Urso? Any experiences here would be very helpful. Thanks!


I’ve never had an issue with Urso, but I usually eat 1/2 my meal before taking the Urso, then eating the remaining. Never take it on an empty stomach

Been on urso since 1998 with no side effects. As Christine said be sure to take it with food

I have been on urso for 3 yrs now no side effects i find it helps give me a bit more energy,,,yes must be taken with food, i wash it down with milk after i eat something,,,the liver enzynmes numbers can change when on it,,but it is not a cure only a help with the bile flowing better thru all the inflamation in the bile ducts reducing the chance a bit for bile duct cancer this is what different doctors have told me,,,hope this helps my prayers are with her too young to go thru this,,i wish you only the best,,,,

For possible side effects of Ursodiol see:



I had the same problem with ursodiol.

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Well it looks like I won't be taking ursodiol, the first day I started , I noticed a increase in nausea, and diarrhea, but figured it was going to be that way for a day or two. The next day these conditions doubled by in intensity, but I still figured it might be just getting used to the medicine.

The morning on the third day took my 4 pills and went to work. By the time I was there in my office chair the nausea went ballisticly bad, I was running to the bathroom with horrible diarrhea and a achey pain begin in my lower right side, I was so sore and stiff and pain in my back I hurt all over, I felt like I had a major flu. I felt like I was going to puke any second, but the diarrhea was so bad I didn't have time to. I tried to contact my doctor 3 times that day to get her to call some kind of nausea medicine and she never got back with me. I decided right then there was no way I was going to continue urso.

I left work early went home dug through my medicine cabinet and found some of my wifes phengan to calm down my raging nausea I skipped my 3 tab evening dose of urso and crawled in my bed at 5pm in the afternoon and was out for 12 hours. Actually got up feeling fairly well.

Finally got the doctor to take my call the next day, she said not to take it anymore , but she didn't know what else to give me, She did prescribe me some nausea medicine, So I guess I'm going to try the Milk Thistle thing now. Anybody having luck with that.

One suggestion on taking Urso which my doctor cleared for me. I found that if I take my entire daily (1200 mg) dose right before I get into bed at night that I have no nausea. The only other side effect in doing so was that the Urso causes me to have to get up and down to the restroom all night long as a diuretic would. You just have to play around with the time of day and all that works best for you. Right now I'm taking 3 capsules as soon as I get up and then one capsule before supper. I am having more nausea recently but my bilirubin is back way up to 7.40. I had an ERCP on 8/15 when it got to 7.5, felt great for 2 months but then the bilirubin started climbing back up. My hepatologist is talking to me about meeting with the transplant team soon to get the ball rolling.