Evening Nausea

Not sure if anyone else has experienced this but for the last couple of weeks I seem to have been suffering from nausea most evenings. This is in addition to bouts of tiredness which seem to have flared up again.

Has anyone else experienced this? The tiredness isn't new but the nausea is a new one on me.



Have you been doing any activities where you have been sweating a lot or has it been hot where you live? Or have you had diarrhea? I have nausea when my potassium drops too low. Try eating a banana if the above is the case.

Thanks for your responses.

Nothing has changed recently in terms of meds or diet. Although its probably worse if i haven't eaten recently. Not really over exerting myself and definately not much luck on the warm temps either. Will discuss with the doc next time I see him.

Many thanks.

I had nausea from time-to-time when I had PSC. The doctor prescribed Ondansetron Orally Disintegrating tablets, 4mg. You let it dissolve under your tongue. It really works! Hope this helps.

Thanks Paul.

Hi Kristian,

This is exactly what i have at the moment tiredness and feeling sick most of the day so if i have these symptoms then it must not be uncommon and I'm sure plenty of others will be in the same boat as us. If you are concerned about it i would see your specialist. This was the way i was diagnosed as i felt sick for 2 weeks. I was then put forward for an MRI to find that it is bile stuck in the bile ducts that needs removing. It was only then when i had an ERCP i was diagnosed. As i have said its common i wouldn't worry about it if you have any issues see the specialist ASAP. Try to avoid fatty meals i have done this and it helps relieve the symptoms a little.



Thanks John.

Thats a much appreciated response.