Nausea...what causes it?

Evening all,

I’ve had my experience with nausea from time to time over the years, but the last month it has been daily and much worse than ever.

So my question, for PSCers what causes nausea and what may make it become worse?

Thanks in advance.


Eric, I know that nausea can be a symptom of psc, but I did not have any during my time with psc.

Wish I could help.

Sorry to hear you are experiencing nausea. I had it terrible during my time with PSC. PSC affects us all a little differently and like Jeff not everyone will have it. One thing that helped me through the years with PSC was to take a prescription medication called Zofran. It’s an anti-nausea med but it doesn’t cause the drowsiness that other forms cause.
I found that certain foods my wife cooked would give me terrible nausea. There were some things like stir-fry, hamburgers and other things that she had to finally start cooking on a small skillet on the back porch. I couldn’t even stand to go to the grocery store at times due to the nausea, or much less sometimes think about food without getting nauseated. It’s just something that you’ll have to learn to live with and overcome the best you can. It’s ironic I know, but I could eat fast food from McDonald’s and it not bother me like smelling or watching home cooking. I have found that “real” ginger-ale calmed my nausea down pretty well when it got bad. We had to purchase this at World Market. Here’s a photo and link of the kind we used.

I do hope you can find some relief. I know it’s difficult but things will get better one day when the transplant comes.


Thanks Mark, I will try that. E.

Nausea was a real problem for me, too, for a while (and still shows up occasionally). I got my doc to refer me to a nutritionist and she has done wonders for me!! My new diet is low fat (no more than 40gr per day), low sugar (again, no more than 40gr), and high protein (60-90gr). She taught me to really read labels and decipher them as well as having given me tips on making fat/taste substitutions and on nutritional supplements. She also guided me on selecting an app on my phone to use to keep track of it all.

You might consider giving it shot.

Nausea is a common symptom of liver diseases. Liver is the biggest organ in digestive system. You’d image it will cause some digestive problem if it is not healthy. Medication helps in some patients, like Mark mentioned Zofran, or other prescription drugs. But they do not always work or some have annoying side effects. In some cases, adjusting diet or meal schedule may help. It’ll take some time to find something work for you. Be patient and take care.

I’ve experienced a lot of nausea recently and strangely I have found that if I eat something (even though it’s the last thing I want to do) it makes me feel much less nauseous.

I’m just starting to experience this sadly

Sorry you are now experiencing nausea as well. In addition to recommending getting a Rx of Zofran from your doctor, another thing that helped me was Ginger Beer. It is a stronger form of GingerAle. It did give me some relief during the difficult days. The cap goes back on pretty easily and I kept a bottle in the fridge. You can buy through Wal-Mart. Here’s a link.