Shake n Bake - Cholangitis and Sepsis

Earned myself another long weekend in the hospital due to a cholangitis attack and mild sepsis (not as bad as September).

Had 72 hours of IV antibiotics.

I thought others might find a conversation i had with an internal medicine/infectious disease doctor. Basicially he said the easiest was to determine the source of a fever for folks like is us is the following…

If you shake w chills and are hot with a fever and your throat and nasal passages are clear you have a cholangitis infection…as he put it if you shake n bake!

Not to give medical advice to others …but for myself specifically I am to take cipro that i have on hand for 24 hours and if fever decreases continue for 7 days. And if the cipro does nothing then i head in for a free 3 night stay…

Anyways thought some might find that an interesting description. Feel free to fire any other questions.


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I have had Cipro on standby for a few years for whenever my PSC flares up as well. Before that, I was in and out of the hospital a lot. After that, I would start to get a fever, take the Cipro right away and about 24 hours later bounce right back. It definitely helps.

I’ve progressed much further now, but that process definitely allowed me to live a pretty normal life in the meantime. Without it, I don’t know if I would have been able to hold my job with all the is and out of the hospital.

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Thanks for the reply Frank.

What was it that no longer allowed you to operate w just the cipro at home?


Thanks for the tip on how to be alerted to a cholangitis infection. I’ve never heard it put that way but I think it’s an excellent thing to know. Hope you are much better now.


I like that description. The evening I had my cholangitis/sepsis, I had some chills and spent an hour in bed under an electric blanket and a wool blanket. Afterwards, I took my temp-102. something. I thought maybe the two blankets had a role in raising my temp, so I spent an hour without them. Still had the same temp.

So I shaked and baked to the hospital for a three day vacation.

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I have the same instructions from my doc. His rule is 102F temperature start the CIPRO. If fever is 103F or more or if CIPRO doesn’t bring the fever down head for the ER. Also call the gastroenterologist on call because they might help you skip the line at the ER.