On early Monday morning, I was in the hospital with sepsis again. So I had a three day vacation at Piedmont Hospital, being released Wednesday evening.

The attending liver doc was pretty sure the infection was liver-related.

One thing interesting was that one of the IVs I was on was Vancomycin.

This was only the second little hiccup in 6+ years. The first one was also sepsis. So I still can’t complain.


I was so sorry to read this last night. You have done so well these years. I hope and pray this is an isolated incident and that you get back to full strength soon.
I went 6 years as well with no problems at all to speak of then the last two years I’ve been in and out of Duke on a regular basis including 2 major transplant related surgeries. 100+ days in the hospital over this time.
Take care Jeff.


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Not sure how much of a vacation that was, but glad to hear that you’re feeling better.

Sharon from ModSuppport

Hang in there Jeff!

Jeff hland Mark. So sorry to hear that about both of you. Hopefully you guys will stay out of the hospital for another long stent. You guys are pillars and a huge blessing to this board.
Prayers coming for the both of you now…
Mark R

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So good to hear from you again. I trust you are doing well these days. Thank you for your support to all of us here across these many years. It’s a privilege to serve.


Thank you,MarkR.

Thank you, TMO8.
Welcome back.

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Prayers coming your way Jeff.

Thank you for being our beacon out in the wilderness.

Thank you for your kind words…

Mark, sorry the last two years have been so problematic.
I hope your troubles stop asap.

Hi Jeff:
Are you in ATL? If so, I am also. I was diagnosed 20 years ago and been on Urso, with no major problems (knock on wood). It would be good to get to know someone in ATL.