Liver Transplant This Week!

Dear Friends,
I am writing you this evening from the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Duke Medical Center in Durham. On Wednesday of this week around 11:40 am I received a call from Duke's on call transplant coordinator that they had a liver for me. You can imagine all that flooded my heart and mind as I heard those words, it's time to come to the hospital. I was just leaving Pizza Hut catching a bite to eat while at work. Earlier this week on Monday I got my labs back from Duke. My MELD had jumped from a 19 to a 33. It then put me at the top of the list at Duke. To make a long story short, I had had some pretty intense diarrhea for a few weeks. They told me that it could very well have driven my INR up artificially. Be that as it may it was to be at 33 for 7 days before they had to check it again.

Well we got to the hospital around 2:30 pm Wednesday. Surgery began around 10 pm and they finished up some 8 hours later. I now have a full size liver from a 22 year old man that had died earlier that evening in a motorcycle accident. Our hearts naturally went out to that family, but we are so grateful for their desire to provide this life saving gift. All I can do is to praise God for His boundless mercy upon my undeserving life. I am still trying to soak all this in as it happened so quickly. I will continue to support Ben's Friends and especially the PSC forums. Please keep me in your prayers as the road to recovery has began. I am attaching a few pictures. One is a picture of my diseased liver. Thanks again everyone.

Mark Wilson

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Wonderful news, Mark!! 3 days post surgery and you're looking good! (Old diseased liver maybe not so good..) Thanks for the update so soon and the photos. Wishing you a very speedy recovery.

Great to hear! Here's hoping for a quick recovery. Keep us in the loop.

Great news. Having new liver is amazing opportunity in life for any psc patient.

Oh my goodness, Mark, that's terrific! How wonderful to hear form you so soon. Have a good rest and recovery!

Mark, I am very happy for you and am glad you are doing well.


I'm not sure if Congratulations is the right word, but all the best with the recovery :)

Wonderful news you are doing well Mark and what a selfless gift the young man and his family have given. I wish you a speedy recovery and a long and healthy life.

Awesome News! I wish you a speedy and healthy recovery! God Bless!

Inspiring. Thanks for the post. Keep us in the loop!