PSC Conference 2017

Hello Everyone,

I will post my story today to introduce myself. I just wanted to see how many people were planning on attending the PSC conference this year? I was newly diagnosed and would love to meet others and learn more. The agenda looks great. If anyone would like to check it out, here is the link:

They offer support groups for all different ages and concerns. I will personally be at the 20s-30s female group if anyone is going. I wish they had these kinds of support groups in the Richmond area. I am a counselor by trade and know how important support it. I am happy to have you all.

I tend to pass on things like this.

Thank you for the reply Jeff. Have you ever been to one? Do you think that they are worth it?

no, Kachu, I have never been to one but don’t take my reluctance as saying you should not go.

I have seen some pictures and agendas from previous conventions and it looks like someone can get a lot out of them.

I would probably like the convention if I went.