PSC and diabetes


Just wondering how many members have PSC and diabetes ? I was diagnosed with diabetes, type 2 insulin about 8 weeks ago.

A few weeks back I was diagnosed with a Nast sepsis liver infection or sepsis. My diabetes shot up and it took weeks to get it under control due to sepsis. I had no idea how having diabetes can complicate treatment. I am wondering what impact it might have when going for a transplant.

Any feedback is welcome.


I've wondered about this myself as my PSC stems from autoimmune pancreatitis (most AIP patients eventually develop diabetes). Just had my Hgb A1c done which is in the high end of normal range. Guess I better ease up on the sweets..

This link is to a study from 2001.

That's not great should I develop diabetes. Frequent infections - already on 5th cholangitis episode this year and at risk for repeat liver abscess..

Hi Stephen,

yes there's some links somehow. I have Type 1, Insulin dependent for 30 years. And PSC for a few years now. for me D is easy and not a big deal. Wits, a bit of mental arithmatic, frequent injections and glucose checks and I eat everything, barring nothing. Had a shake the other day. Normal glycohemoglobins always. I guess my metabolics are forgiving, but most can do this I believe. D is the least of my concerns. I understand celiacs is connected to psc as well - another autoimmune thing.


Sorry you’ve been under the weather. I was diagnosed with type 1 in 2003 after taking prednisone for about two months After that it pretty much leveled out until I had the transplant in 2010. When I was diagnosed with reoccurrence Psc in 2013 they increased the immunosuppressants dosages up to max and ever since then I’ve had a lot of trouble regulating my glucose levels. As long as they can gradually reduce the immunosuppressive after transplant it shouldn’t be a problem especially with type 2 as you can bring it under control with the right diet. And you are right whenever I’m sick the glucose levels really shoot up. But I think in the long run you’ll be fine. Hope this helps