PSC & Pancreas issues

Hey all been a long while since I lasted posted.

Update first:
Had two bouts of Cholangitis attacks in last 9 months. On first occasions Bilirubin in the 50- 75% range of normal but is slowly rising (at present still normal but 16/21 umol/l). ALP 250/max 110 u/l, GGT 292/max 50 u/l, AST 55/max 35 u/l and ALT 70/max 40 u/l (These are all Australian readings for path results)

On my second bout had a MRCP which showed active inflammation in my liver ducts but also of concern in my pancreas. I have since had a lipase blood test which has shown an elevated reading above normal consistent with pancreatic disease.

The question I have of the group is it common or not that when you have a flare up in your liver ducts the pancreas also flares up or is it possible I may have Autoimmune pancreatitis. (PS My liver ducts whilst inflamed are not yet restricted to cause blocks but tight enough to have me on urso permanently)

I have my GI’s and my Hepo’s appointment next month but just wish to get some questions to ask them prior to the appointments.
PS seeing my gastro as also restarted passing blood during last bout of inflammation and without a colon (total collectomey) I am thinking I have ulcers again in my small colon which i am praying is not crohns as lost my bowel to crohns (believed) but the pathology on removal concluded that it was UC not crohns.

Welcome back, Gas.
Sorry you have been dealing with some problems.
I do not know the answer to your question, but it seems reasonable that with auto-immune issues, if the liver is having its ducts attacked, that ducts elsewhere could be in trouble.

Hopefully that won’t be the case with you.

Cheers mate. Yes I still lurk in the background having a read, always trying to learn more, saves me asking stupid questions like today.

Anyway expected the journey to start heading south at some point that point may be coming.

hope you are well and thanks again for your rapid response and genuine care.


Hey Gaz,

It feels like there’s a correlation somewhere. I was diagnosed with PSC in 2019 but remember back to 2011 when I had LUQ front and rear pain so badly I had to go to the ER. They gave me fluids and an IV antibiotic and sent me on my way(it resolved the issue). I’ve had the same pain/bloating occasionally since(and am currently), and my gallbladder was removed in 2015, so it wasn’t the one causing all of the issues.

I’ve found excess food and movement make it worse, and NSAID’s seem to make it better until it resolves(24-72 hours usually).

Don’t know if this helps, but know you’re not alone.



Thanks for that. I will ask what NSAID’s I can have around the place. Seems a long time ago I was on 75mg of Prednisone when first got sick at 42 yrs with stomach issues and then it took me years to wean off the stuff.