Pre-transplant issues

Hi girls and boys. I have been in the hospital since Sunday night as a backup for livers. Initially there were two and they went to the primary recipients. Then a third liver came into the picture. The donor is also providing a heart and two lungs and the procurement surgery is today. I’m backup in this third liver as well.

It has been a crazy couple of days. Three B type livers in four days. This is my first time being called in and we have learned a lot. I’ll let you know if this is a go. This is an elevated risk liver but tests negative for disease. I will accept it if it is offered.

Have a great day everyone!
Doug :peace_symbol::heart:

This is great news! You are getting closer and perhaps today will receive your gift of life! Be assured of our prayers for you and do keep us up to date. (You might ask your surgeon to take a photo of your old liver and your new one. You’ll find it a useful thing to share with people fighting this terrible disease and the hope that comes with a transplant).


Thanks, Mark. It didn’t work out for me this time, but three other type B recipients scored! We learned a lot. I also had the opportunity to think about a higher risk liver under a real situation. It was all different during the evaluation. Much more theoretical then, than when you are in the hospital and preparing for possible surgery.

So, I’ll be ready for the next time! Have a great weekend!


Doug, sorry you did not get your liver. Another aggravation in living with psc.

Hopefully you will get better news the next time.

Thank you, Jeff. We knew it was a long shot but it’s still a bit of a rollercoaster.

As you said. Maybe next time!


I’ve honestly had you on my mind quite a lot recently, Doug. I was hoping that you were busy recovering from your transplant. sigh

When I say that I will be holding you in prayer, I really mean it. You are among the most up-beat and positive people I’ve ever encountered and I know you’ll be using all this experience to coach the rest of us through “the waiting game” down the road. Stay strong and keep everyone around you smiling—just as you do this group.

Sending all my best,

Hi Marian,

Wow! Thank you for such a kind response!! Reading this really made my evening. I try hard to stay focused and to pay attention. Trying to do this while letting go of any expectations was very helpful. I also had the backup of a WONDERFUL lady friend, and we tried to keep smiling. It felt like we succeeded. We were both very satisfied that the livers went to the sickest, just like it should. We both felt hungover afterwards though. :wink:

My best wishes to you and all of us.

Doug :peace_symbol::heart:

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