PLN-74809 Info?

I was just contacted by my Hep about participating in a phase 2 clinical study of PLN-74809 . Has anyone heard about this study , it sounds like it was used for pulmonary fibrosis and now used for PSC . Phase one only had 48 studies internationally.

Hi. I read about it and the results look very good. Find out more at
They write:
Our main program, PLN-74809, focuses on the activation of TGF-β in bile ducts and liver cells in the PSC, potentially slowing or stopping disease progression. Studies in animal models and explanted liver fibrotic tissue from PSC patients show a strong antifibrotic effect of PLN-74809. We are currently registering a trial version of Phase 2a with PLN-74809 to PSC.

Thanks for the info

I was in the phase 1 trial and gad no issues. It’s the 3rd study I’ve taken part in. My numbers went down during the study but I had a procedure a month before the study started so I’m not sure if it helped. And, they haven’t gone up since it finished.

Any advise to someone taking part in a study ?

No advice. I had no adverse affects. They haven’t gotten back to me the results, but I was one of the first to take the drug trial so maybe it’s not finished.