Pills for diabetes

For the time my mother gets cortisone for the treatment of retroperitoneal fibrosis ... cortisone raises blood sugar ... and consequently makes insulin injections ... but the dose of cortisone continuously decreases each month and she thinks that maybe can turn to pills for diabetes...asked doctors (her gastro and her internist) and they said that it is not necessary that the pills can harm the liver...we will discuss for this in the next check-up having in mind and biochemical analyzes which after a month of treatment with urso are normal...except GGT which is 400 (from 1500). Anybody who takes pills for diabetes and has no problem?

Thank you very much and sorry about my english!!!

I’m having cortisone treatment at the moment. My blood sugat level raised too, and I cut out sugar from my diet. Now my blood sugar is at normal level. Did you try sugarless diet? My doctor didn’t suggest insuline pills.

Μy mother had pancreatic surgery a year ago, only the diet not help because insuline from the pancreas in not enough, but before the cortisone had days with good sugar levels! Αnyway...we'll see! Thank you very much!

I see… Hope she’ll be fine soon…Take care.