Living with Small Bile Duct PSC

My son was diagnosed in 2011 with Ulcerative Colitis and Small Bile Duct PSC. His UC is still active and he has a large inflamatory polyp that showed up on colonoscopy this year. It showed no dysplasia and for the time being they did not bother it. They will reaccess the poly next year at his colonoscopy. Phillip has annual colonoscopies and an Abdominal Ultrasound every other year. Phillip is currently taking 150mg Azathiaprine for his UC and 100mg Urso for his liver and to reduce chances of Colon cancer.

Phillip remains symptom free with his PSC. He is a college Sophomore and he plays soccer at his school. He has labs drawn every 1-2 weeks. Since beginning URSO one year ago his liver enzymes have returned to normal. For now, we are trying to get his UC in remission.

The future is uncertain, but our faith is strong…God bless.

My husband also has PSC/UC. Actually he has rPSC meaning he had a liver transplant for the PSC already back in 1998 and in 2004 the PSC returned in his new liver. He also has active UC with a very large imflammatory polyp with no sign of dysplasia at this time. They are rechecking his every 6 months. You said your son is taking 100mg of Urso for his liver and to reduce his chances of colon cancer. Does Urso reduce colon cancer chances? I sure hope so. My husband has been on it again since 2004 but his liver is continuing to get worse. Good Luck to your son =) Will be praying for him.

May 2014 - Phillip had his annual colonoscopy…His doctor was surprised but, he did not find the large polyp that was present last year. He looked for it a total of 5 times and asked one of his associates to look as well. No large polyp! While this is great news he did have two smaller polyps that were biopsied. We are awaiting the results. Phillip is still asymptomatic as far as the PSC. His Ulcerative Colitis is under control and has regular blood work. He had another abdominal ultrasound this year with no significant findings. We go back to Vanderbilt in August. Phillip was accepted into nursing this year and begins in August. God is good.