Recently did Colonscopy

Hi every,

After having pain on my right upper quadrant - few time - i went to ER - who diagnosed me with Gallbladder stone and wished to remove it. They asked me if i wish to remove my Gallbladder - which i refused - citing that I need to take second opinion.

Later on took appointment with a Liver/Gastro Consultant - who requested Ultra Sound and MRCP.

I had three ultra sound but they were relatively non conclusive but my MRCP Radiologist gave me the devastating news of PSC. Naturally i was in Shock

Anyhow based on the report, my liver/gastro doc started URSO. He did colonscopy and was surprised that i do not have the IBD - which is almost part and parcel of PSC.Now he is reviewing my case and wish to double check if the Radiologist was right in his opinion of PSC

My question to the blog is : My Radiologist is very confident - and clearly mentions that i have PSC. He found beads in my bile ducts. Could he be wrong ? Since I know that MRCP Clearly shows the PSC Symptoms and it is very less likely that Radilogist is Wrong

Any comments ?

I never had any issues with my colon, for which I am very grateful, but had advanced PSC, and later a transplant 16 years after being diagnosed. That was 9 years ago. (urso helped very much) As much as possible, even if diagnosed, live everyday like you don't have it.

Hi. Just because you have PSC doesn't necessarily mean you have or will have UC. I've had PSC since 2011 and do not have UC at this point in time. I am listed for transplant though and do have bouts with severe diarrhea at times if I eat the wrong things or as I like to say when the bile doesn't flow then these type of problems pop up. I would definitely encourage you to get on Urso. I'm taking 1200 MG a day and it really makes a difference. Best of luck with your care and treatment.

I have PSC and no IBD or UC. I’ve had many tests to confirm PSC and also had colon biopsy. I feel very fortunate as I am in the minority.

Hi JMc - thanks for your update. My doc has taken samples for Biopsy - what do they check in Biopsy ? i mean can Biopsy of Colon tell them about UC or PSC or only for the presence of Cancerous cells ?

Thanks for the detailed info. I will update once my reports are back.

I am 250mg URSO - twice daily - i have changed my diet totally and am on Veg/Fruits at least 40% of the my food intake. I have no upper right quadrant pain now (which was there in mild form) and I feel as if i am 100% fine (but i know I am not :)

Again thanks for the reply

detmsh said:

Basically the samples with be able to show the inflammatory attack along with it's resulting reactive response going on at the histopathology level, this leads to the diagnosis. And yes, cancerous cells will be detected, if present (hope not). The colon may look perfectly normal but the IBD is still at work. Hopefully JMc will be back to provide additional insight on the biopsies.

Also, others have recommend URSO as well. I don't take it myself and my hep doesn't encourage it. It has been shown to have no significant benefit and has shown to be detrimental at higher dosages. It may have some treatment benefits for colon cancer but these results are marginal. However, some doctors will prescribe it since they have nothing else to go with, Just keep in mind that PSC attacks in a patchy way, and it may even seemingly disappear or remain quiescent at times on its own.