Liver Transplant MELD Map

Thanks Priya for sharing this information. Quite interesting. Good to see you back in the group. It's been a while. I trust you are doing well.


Priya, welcome back. I thought of you last week, knowing you had not posted for a while. I hope you're doing ok.


:-) Thank you all.. it's good to be back! I am well. Last few months have been hectic to say the least as had been tied up organising sister's wedding - a 600+ people affair (have uploaded a few pics on to my profile of the the pair at some of the events). We saw the happy couple off on their honeymoon last Saturday. I still can't believe it's all over.

How are you folks doing?

Stephen - How are you? I know you are busy as usual offering support but hope you are well too.

Mark - Hope you are ok... How is the wait going? Or should I not ask?!

Jeff - congrats on being listed!