I have medical insurance, but how do you pay for all these tests

I Have insurance but the deductible is high along with out of pocket. When it comes time for liver transplant(hopefully a long time from now) how do you pay for it.

This is a touchy subject. Some pretransplants are told that they will need to fundraise to cover some of these expenses prior to transplant. I have seen quite a few requests on gofundme.com.

It can be tough, in wanting to live life prior to transplant, spending more time with your spouse, to travel/vacation, while knowing that you are spending money that you will likely need in several years.

I'd recommend paying off any credit cards, being careful how you spend your money-spend it on needs and not wants

and save what you can.

I am sorry I agree this is a touchy subject. I would like to be prepared. I just know last year was hard with an extra thousands out of pocket. Thank you for your insight