Has anyone broke out in hives with the itch? I keep reading that hives are more associated with Lupus. Not sure if anyone here is diagnosed with both PSC and Lupus. I did contact the doctor who diagnosed me and all he said was he prescribed me with gabapentin for the itch and to see a dermatologist. What I find is funny is that I had gone to a dermatologist to begin with because of the itching. I had no hives then but do now. She was the one who got the ball rolling about my PSC with the blood tests.

Any thoughts, comments?

lol I am probably going to be asking more and more questions, so I do apologize for all of this...

Yes… Severe hives were what initially brought my husband into the emergency room. It began with severe headache and fatigue for weeks on end. Then the hives came gangbusters. They lasted for weeks also and in the beginning , coming on with a vengeance every time he ate or drank anything: even a sip of water. He lost 17 lbs. during that time and did not really have 17 pounds to loose. All this lead to his initial blood test that revealed elevated liver enzymes, mono and and eventual diagnosis. It has been 4 years since that and he has not had hives again, albeit, he does have intermittent severe itching episodes.

I would think you could have a test for lupus. It would be interesting to know if there are more folks out there with the hive issue and if they have found any explanation for that. I hope you find some answers.

Thank you for posting this. What do your hives look like? I am early stage PSC but at times I itch like crazy and break out in what look like little blisters. Almost look I guess like chicken pox. Glad you posted this. I also have MS. Thanks Katsy!

Yes, large and small blisters all over his body. Small like chicken pox but many large welts that looked like water filled blisters, probably as large as a couple inches in length, 1" in width and 3 or 4 mm in height. I really believe now that his body was under so much stress that the hives were due to that and jangled nerves, because he has not had hives since… Just the itching and bruise-like red marks, which are flat on the skin and generally the size of a quarter.

Stress is a factor in hives… and in managing your PSC…Consider finding methods to de-stress. Read some Ekhart Tolle, meditate, take time to pause and be calm with things you enjoy and in gratitude for those things. Can be as simple as the wind in the trees or a fresh piece of fruit or time with a friend or your dog. Whatever works for you, find it and be grateful.

Peace and hope to you. I am sorry for your troubles.

Thank you Glass Flower for your response. That makes sense to me now. When it first happened a year ago I thought it was just some weird allergy or something. It would come and go. Yes I get bruise like red marks too, and never knew what they were and would have happen after intense itching. I love this group, great to know that we have each other for support. I am blessed to be living in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. We have had an incredible summer and I have had the chance to spend many hours in my backyard just relaxing and resting in God. Yes it can be as simple as the wind in the trees. a beautiful sunset, the clouds in the sky.

Peace and Hope to everyone!!!!

Your welcome, Elsie!
I too love this group! And it is good to hear about your blessings also. Thanks for that.