Headache after physical exercise

Hi everyboday,

i have PSC und UC since 6 years and i noticed that I frequently get migraine-like headaches after physical exercise ( e.g.Tennis or Soccer)… I think it gets worse over the years… Anybody makes the same experience? Which painkillers are the best for PSC- Patients?

Best regards!

Personally, I have noticed an increased amount of very bad headaches/migraines over last few years. Dont know if they stem from PSC or URSO. I read somewhere that urso may cause dehydration (or something to that affect) Maybe thats what leads to headaches?

I have recently experienced a lot of bad headaches and I never used to get them. They feel linked to the PSC. I’m not on urso so you can probably rule that out. More than likely just one of the many PSC side problems we have to put up with. I used paracetamol before bed which helped somewhat but never used ibuprofen because of the issues it can cause the liver.