Erythema Nodosum

Does anyone here have experience with Erythema Nodosum?

My understanding is that this is more related to UC however I think a lot of folks on this forum have both. I've had UC for 30 years and was diagnosed with PSC 12 years ago, I have been very lucky and symptoms have been very light for most of that time. Everything has been well controlled as long as I took my meds and ate right.

On my 15th my calves were really sore, and I thought I may have overdone a workout. Over that week it got worse and went to the emergency room on May 23rd, where it was diagnosed as phlebitis. They gave me pain meds and sent me home. The symptoms worsened, and on June 2nd I went to my primary doctor, she diagnosed it as Erythema Nodosum. She started me on prednisone. Over the next week the prednisone calmed down the inflammation. As I tapered off the steroids the pain got worse, she started me on a new 3 week course. I started tapering back off the prednisone Saturday and this morning the pain was as bad as it ever was.

I have read a few articles, most talk about the skin inflammation, the prednisone seems to have calmed that aspect quite a bit but the pain in my lower legs is impressive. I can only be on my feet for a few minutes at a time. my feet feel like they are completely bruised and the nerves around both ankles are aggravated, my calves feel like they are in a constant state of cramping.

I've been in a good deal of pain for a month now and was wondering if anyone had experience with this or had an idea of how long it lasts.