Breath test

Has anyone heard of bad breath being an omen of a cholangitis attack? In the two months leading up to a cholangitis attack in late March, my wife noticed that my breath smelled pretty bad, and was not "normal" bad breath.

After the balloon dilation during the ERCP to open the stricture, she noticed the bad breath had disappeared. It has been two months since, and the breath has not reappeared.

Any thoughts?

I can literally smell an attack coming on from my husband when he’s in the shower. It’s what we now refer to as “the sweet liver smell.” So i don’t doubt your wife is right. There is a smell and the doctors at Barns even asked us if we can smell it coming on.

Yes, I’ve experienced this too. Dry eyes and mouth changes, whitter tongue, bad breath… All come when attack is on.

I had already the same and my wife also noticed it. Since ERCP and the baloon dilation my breath is ok again :-)

15 years ago my wife said my breath smelled "funny" and she encouraged me to go in to get a complete physical exam. Eventually I was diagnosed with PSC even though I was relatively asymptomatic at that time. So this discussion is the first confirmation that I've seen/heard that parallels my experience. I told my wife that maybe she should go into nursing ....kind of like those dogs that can sniff cancer, etc. I thought she might hit me upside the head : 0 !! HAH.

Hey we have noticed our son, who has PSC and UC, has excruciatingly bad breath in the morning, and regular bad breath at every other time. It has been for quite awhile. We thought maybe due to meds, but reading this whole discussion makes more sense of it. He is not having any attack that we know of, but now we will certainly keep an eye out for it.