Bile duct cancer help

My family received terrible news that my sister has bile duct cancer while taking her tests to get on transplant for liver. We are still in shock as weve been told the tumor is 8cm and to large for therapy and transplant. We feel lost what to do next. Wont radiation shrink the tumor for a transplant.?what hospitals should we seek help for bile duct cancer? Any guidance would be so appreciated.



Muggy, I'm so sorry that your sister and family received this news. Did they refer you to an oncologist? Did they give you any guidance at all about any treatment options? It would be interesting to hear what they said. I would love for them to refer you to an oncologist who they think may be able to help.

I think that there should be some members on this site who can recommend specific doctor and hospitals, and I hope they provide you with numerous options.


We have been told that should my husband develop cancer in the liver or ducts that the University of WA would not do a transplant: that we needed to go to a transplant center like the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota or Jacksonville, FL. There are probably others that cover liver and bile duct cancer issues. They also said that with cancer, his MELD score would rise significantly and put him near the top of the list. Since he has not been evaluated for a transplant at this point (his MELD not being high enough) they would expedite the process. Here is some good info about transplants to look at or you can ask your gastro/hepatologist to advise NOW or send you to someone who can. I am not an expert, but I believe you should have an appointment at a transplant center today. I have done some research on transplants and am learning about the scenario should my husband develop cancer. I am no expert so this is not advise. I am just sharing some of my most helpful links on the topic. (an old article - 2010 on "New" transplantation criteria for liver cancer patients). I only pass is on , not because it is necessarily all true. It is old info in the medical world but it might help to develop questions for the right people. (US Dept of Health - manages Organ Procurement and Transplantation in the states) (their mission - "is to advance organ availability and transplantation by uniting and supporting our communities for the benefit of patients through education, technology and policy development")

I hope that helps some. I am so very sorry for the bad news you received. Here is hoping she can move to the top of the transplant list and be on her way to feeling better sooner than later. Blessings and peace to you and your family.

sorry for the bad news.

8cm is a very large tumor. Did your sister have her MRCP regularly? I won't be surprised if the doctors worry about potential metastasis. I doubt they can do radiation or regular chemo, considering the situation of the liver. IR may be able to do something. As others have said, you definitely need professional opinion from an oncologist.