Treatment plan

HI I am wondering if anyone is having or had a similar treatment as I am about to begin. My doctor is treating me for cancer I may have in my bile ducts but hasn't seen yet to prevent it from spreading outside the liver. This procedure was begun at Mayo Clinic. This week I will begin radiation and take a chemo pills 2x a day for 15 days to be followed by other treatments. I am on a transplant list.Are there others on a transplant list? Are you taking this protocol?

Stephen Cox (formerly Big Steel) said:

Hi Annie Rose,

I can't respond to your treatment plan as my situation was different. I do believe you are in excellent hands at the Mayo Clinic.
I noticed you said, " you may have bile duct cancer". Are your Doctors not certain? I suspect they are otherwise they wouldn't be acting so agressively with your treatment.

Hopefully other folks will jump and add some comments but I wanted to wish the very best. Please, if you are able, keep us in the loop as to how you are dealing.

Take very good care,

Hi Stephen, my doctors haven't seen it but presume I have because we have a high risk of getting cancer, so I am on a protocol.I go to Johns Hopkins but they follow the Mayo Clinic protocol, originated at the Mayo Clinic. I begin on Wed. I am concerned but I do trust the logic and experience of my doctor.That is why I was wondering if anyone else went this path. no one else has commented yet. Have a good week. I may not have access to my computer if I can't get the WIFI. Annie Rose

I appreciate you sharing your status with me. The PSC is a scary disease and I am finding unpredictable. I am getting treatment at Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore, Md. I am not sure where you live. I had my first radiation treatment this morning and will have another this afternoon. Plus I am taking Xeloda, chemotherapy pills 2, 2x a day. This will go on for 3 weeks. I will keep you in touch with my schedule too. I will keep you in my prayers for the best treatments from your doctors. When were you diagnosed? Did you become jaundice at the beginning?