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Good Morning Everyone. My husband was diagnosed with PSC in May 2019. In November, he was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma. He is being treated using the Mayo Protocol at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago, which will hopefully end with a transplant. We are currently looking for a living donor but we are not having any luck. Unfortuanately, we have had several people evaluated and have yet to find a match. Does anyone have any ideas for us to get the word out? It is very hard for us to ask this, but a transplant is his only chance to beat this. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Facebook is a tried and true method.


I’m sorry to hear about this as I have the same diagnosis and know how tough it is to go thru all this.
I am waiting for chemotherapy and operation…
How come liver transplant is the only option for your husband?

Mate, welcome back!

Thank you Jeff, hope you are doing well.

The location of the tumor, they are unable to get it surgically. :frowning: I’m getting really scared that despite our best efforts that we will not find anyone compatible. Everyone who has been evaluated has a liver that is too small. We are trying to be hopeful but it is hard knowing I can’t personally do anything to help him.

So sorry to hear that… it must be hard not being able to do anything. Best you can do is keep your hopes high and share positive energy. Sometimes it makes all the difference.

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