Autoimmune Hemolytic Annemia

My husband had a liver transplant for PSC in May of 2011. He had a good two years and then symptoms of PSC started to begin again. During a CT scan and MRCP doctors agreed the PSC was in the new liver and they found a mass on his kidney. The mass is small and not a huge concern. However, during routine blood work his white blood count was decreasing. In December he was hospitalized for a blood transfusion. At that time he was diagnosed with Autoimmune Hemolytic Annemia (AHA). Does anyone else in this group have AHA? He is currently not doing well and it is yet to be determined if the AHA will exclude him from another transplant.

Sarah, this search on anemia may turn up something helpful:

I hope the AHA will not exclude your husband. Keep us posted.

Thank you both. His total hemoglobin levels have dropped to an 8 and his bilirubin is rising. Doctors increased his steroids. Hopefully they can stabilize his blood or he may have to have his spleen removed. He’s fighting a good fight. This group has helped me “see” what he is experiencing through so many of your stories. Thank you