Anything to be concerned about or normal with psc?

Hi woke up at 5am with excrutiating pain in my right side,and have been in agony ever since ( about 5 hrs) if I move or take a deep breath it hurts even more also feeling very nauseous is this anything to worry about or just routine with psc thanks for any advice

Hi Stephen took your advice and I’m still in hospital got MRI scan done today as infection is not responding to antibiotics. Will let you know of any further developments and thanks for asking.

Now out of hospital, infection under control, and feeling much better thank goodness, though very tired :)

Had been doing pretty well, just a few twinges of pain, nothing lasting more than a couple of hours. Unfortunately I’m beginning to think the infection could be back as I’ve had the really bad pain for hours now, I keep hoping it will go away but it doesn’t look like it as it’s almost 10 hours now. It’s 4am in the morning here so I reckon if it’s still as bad in morning I’ll probably have to go back to hospital… I guess I was hoping it would be much longer before I’d feel like this again.

Hi got out of hospital last night, after spending over a week there, again on antibiotics. Feeling a lot better,just hope it lasts more than 3 weeks this time lol… Anyway to see my specialist in 6 weeks, though he said if this keeps happening I’ll need to go on antibiotics long term, here’s hoping that’s me sorted for a while now.

Oh the joys of PSC lol looks like another infection though this time I’m trying antibiotics from my gp though she doesn’t think they will work and wanted me to go back to hospital. Been on oral antibiotics for 48 hours no improvement yet but it’s early days, if I can stick the pain. After the first infection I was out of hospital for three weeks before I was back in with another infection this time it’s two weeks since I got out of hospital. Is it normal to get infections this often and is there anything I can do to stop them. I did ask dr when I was in hospital and they said going on preventive antibiotics but is there anything else