Any Info About Getting Followed at Mayo Clinic?

My 15 year old has PSC and UC. I am very happy with his team at Lurie Children’s in Chicago. I have no doubt that they are world class physicians and are a good fit for us. Nonetheless, I have been thinking about taking my son to Mayo just to get any additional information / thoughts / perspectives they might have. Additionally I read on their website that they are “one of the few hospitals” that transplant for cholangiocarconoma, and I am thinking that if my son is followed by them - perhaps if he sees the Mayo team once a year-- that a) they could weigh in if any rare or difficult medical quandaries arise and 2) if he later develops cholangiocarconoma they would be ready to transplant him sooner. Any thoughts on this strTegy? Do they follow people that way? - that is-- instead of just seeing him once and giving a second opinion and instead of them being his treatment team-- they would just see him annually. What do you all think of that., no people do that?