Second Opinion for a Pediatric Case?

We are at Lurie in Chicaonand I am very happy there. Where should I take my 14 year old for a confirmation of his Dx? I want one sure he really has this. The MRCP showed beading and diffuse involvement throughout intra and extra hepatic ducts, but nstill wan he Dx confirmed. If I irks fly anywhere, where should we go?

Hi Rivermouse,

Dr. Cox at Stanford is probably the most well known pediatric GI doctor working with PSC patients. Have you tried getting in touch with him?


University of Chicago Hospital, University of Illinois at Chicago Hospital are both very good transplant centers. I personally know Dr. Sean Koppe, Head of Hepatology is fine and has a good knowledge of PSC. He is at Univ. of Illinois, Chicago. Also, Froedtert Memorial Hospital/Wisconsin College of Medicine in Milwaukee has an excellent transplant center.