Another fascinating study on Gastrointestinal infections and long term effects

The relationship between bacteria and GI issues is becoming clearer…(I have posted research before on this topic and will report the new stuff.)

For me - I can pin point the day I got severe food poisoning 25 years ago as the beginning of ALL my GI issues. In those days, they said go home, lay low for a week and jest let it naturally go through your system… As we all know, they are much more on top of this today.

The year I got PSC, I had a few partial obstructions after being exposed to some toxins at work. I had an ultrasound the year before which showed a clear liver. Just 2 years later I was put on the Transplant list.

I am post transplant but had sepsis (severe) earlier this year. They think it was because of a GI leak around the bile duct! So it appears at least in my case, there may be an individual biology having something to do with the transmission of bacteria into the bile duct?
So- Natural difference in anatomy plus infection plus some sort of obstruction may have been my path to PSC??

I honestly believe they are getting closer and closer to figuring this out!

Check out:

So - put this together with the research in a previous post that sampled probiotics showed that about 95% of samples are dead and useless as well as many contaminated with other bacteria. (A refrigerated and expensive brand gave me an infection in hospital).

I am finding success with the Kefir (not the Sutherland type), and other probiotic rich foods not in pill form, but have live stuff or they would be spoiled. Great with fruit and a bit of granola!

I also understand why some people are opting for a poop transplant and why it has worked in many cases (although a little gross).

Something to think about.