Food poisoning? Or...liver?

Hi everyone,

I just got over having an episode of what I thought was food poisoning. This came on very suddenly with extreme diarrhea but no vomiting. Without going into too much detail, my vowel movements were very yellow to clear and greasy (sorry gross I know) and I had Pain in the top of my stomach (possibly right side but alternating). I couldn’t digest any food and even water wouldn’t stay in my system. After 4 days and a trip to the ER it left my system as fast as it came. I thought it was food poisoning but my specialist think it may be liver related but my ALP showed no signs of spiking higher than my normal elevated levels. Any thoughts? Anyone else have a blockage in their ducts that was similar??

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It sounds like pancreatitus to me if your problems are long term. I became diabetic after my liver transplant and have many problems with my pancreas. I now take Creons as I was forever on the toilet and it was exactly as you described. Greasy or oily stools are a give away that it’s likely to be pancreas related. Don’t worry though, Creons are very affective and can be swallowed in capsule form or sprinkled in food.

Thanks for your post. What you described sounds very familiar. As the PSC progresses, the livers’ ability to produce adequate bile compounded by the strictures that form in your bile ducts really slow the free flow of bile into your gut. I use to call what you described a “bile dump”. Of course, that was a layman’s description but to me, it meant that I had a sudden dump of a lot of bile at once into my gut, which was too much and thus diarrhea occurs. I did experience excruciating pain at times with it as well. I always kept a bottle of Generic Imodium Caplets in the house and with me in the car, etc. I would usually have to take upwards to 3 or 4 to get it to finally slow down and dry things up. Of course, then it took a while for things to wake back up and return to normal. But that was how I dealt with it.
I tell you one thing that has really helped me post-transplant in dealing with not having a gallbladder to maintain proper bowels. I was going from one extreme to another, constipation one day and diarrhea the next. Look into taking Benefiber. I take 2 heaping teaspoons at supper or bedtime each night. It is tasteless, grit-free and dissolves clear in water or whatever you wish to put it in. It really has balanced out my problem. You might find it helps in your current condition. Here’s a link from Wal-Mart but you might find it cheaper somewhere else

I assume that you have had CMP labs to check your liver levels? What is your last bilirubin reading? Also, what is your current MELD score?
Take care and do keep in touch.

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for your reply, I have blood work to be completed this week so I will check on my levels.


Welcome back, Andrew. Nausea and diarrhea were not among my symptoms, so I can’t really say firsthand. Of the components in the blood, the only one that got my doc’s attention was bilirubin, even though a lot of others were elevated.

But if the pain was halfway between the belly button and sternum, that is where my pancreatitis started. So I am glad you went to the ER. Did they do bloodwork that showed your pancreas level?

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Hi Jeff

I’m not sure if in the ER they checked my pancreas but my clinic has requested a new rec for blood so we will see. But I’m feeling better so :man_shrugging:t2:. Thanks for the msg!