ALK variance

Hi everyone,

Have any of you noticed a wide range of values on your LFT blood tests?

I was officially diagnosed in 2019 but have had elevated markers since 2005 or so when I had my first liver ultrasound due to the LFT numbers being high.

What I’ve noticed is the ALK varies the most, from 200–1200, and I wonder if any of you have experienced the same thing? Aside from pruritus, which started in 2014,I’ve been almost completely asymptotic and now that is well controlled by cholestryamine. It just worries me that’s there’s no consistency in my numbers, but I guess that’s what makes it hard to predict. No other symptoms(nausea, fatigue) seem to present themselves when my numbers are higher, so I guess that’s good.

Hoping to start a drug trial in April. Keep fighting the good fight everyone.

Consistency in our lLFT’s? We can always hope!
Glad you are relatively asymptomatic. What drug trial are you hoping to get in to?