Zoey's success story :)

  • Good day everyone,

I'm new to this site. Found it through facebook.

I am 41 years old. Have a full time job and 2 boys in different sports activities.

have chrons and psc. I was diagnosed with psc 3 years ago. Diagnosed with chrons 25 years ago. The whole thing started because of my gallstones and gallbladder removal. My doctor , who was following me for chrons, suspected that there's more than a gallbladder issue here at hand. Therefore I had my first MRI. And there it was , my PSC diagnosis.

My doctor is also my mom's doctor. My mother is a 5 year post transplant patient. She had NASH cirhossis. I'm assuming, since she also had her gallbladder removed at 20, she had PSC that went undetected for years.

Since my diagnosis, I have become a healthy eating advocate. Changed my family's way of eating and encourage exercise and sports activities. I am blessed with an undersanding husband , cooperative children, friends with shoulders to cry on and an understading boss ( colonoscopies, MRIs, blood tests, follow up visits and some days where I am just tired) and of course PRAYER !!

I started URSO and vitamin D

3 months ago and Olestyr 2 years ago. I walk every chance I get and laugh every chance I get and some days I cry wih the fear of he unknown and the possibility of not seeing my children grow.

This is my success story.

happy to have found this site :)


We're happy you found the site, too, Zoe. Healthy eating and exercise are great benefits that can put you in the best shape possible to fight this disease. It's wonderful that you are counting your blessings and focusing on the positives. We wish you well, Zoe!

Thanks for your story, Zoey. I also have crohn’s and psc. I’m 37, but have been diagnosed since 13 and 21 respectively. It’s not until now that I’m starting to have symptoms so I’m trying to learn as much as I can.

Thank you all for the kind words :)

YOu all put a smile on my face.

Blessings and prayers to all

Zoey :)

Good morning all :)

Yesterday I was at the hospital to do my creatinine blood test for my upcoming MRI.

Had a chance to speak to my very busy doctor. Did I mention he's my angel? :)

I discussed with him that Ive been getting dizzy spells and feeling nautious lately.

He suspects I might have sludge.

we're going to wait for my April 10 MRI.

Celebrating my younger baby's 13th bday this weekend :)

I have gotten into the habit of doing potluck parties to minimize my amount of fatigue and not deprive them of celebrations :)))

Blessings and happy Friday to all!