Vancouver BC?

Hi everyone. Anyone here from BC or Canada? Any recommendations on experienced specialists in PSC in Canada?


Hi Tala,
My son has seen Dr. Label and Dr. Guttman at children’s hospital in Vancouver. I don’t know of any specialists for adults in Vancouver but if you are stuck I imagine they must have some recommendations? Both are very good.

Thanks Flyingcoho

I see Dr Yoshida at VGH. He diagnosed my AIH/PSC overlap and I am happy to say that my LFT’s are normal again. He was very quick to respond when my numbers were fluctuating and continues to monitor me closely.

Thanks Heather! I’m glad your blood work is normal. Are you following a specific diet? Did Dr. Yoshida prescribe Ursodil? My husband is taking Ursodil but his numbers are going up for the past 1 year.

Hi, I’ve been seeing Dr Vincent Bain in Edmonton for years. He is wonderful! Just went on waitlist last fall.

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I’m sorry to hear your husbands numbers are going up! It took about 10 months of many tests and finally an MRCP to diagnose the PSC. At first he thought I had AIH so he put me on prednisone and ursodiol. Now I take azathioprine and ursodiol which seems to be working so far. I am not on any specific diet. I just try to eat healthy.

When I had the MRCP which showed I had PSC, I was already taking the course of prednisone so had to taper off. 5 weeks after stopping the prednisone my ALT and AST shot up to 900 and 550. At that time he said I had PSC/AIH overlap. This seems to be a tricky disease to diagnose and we are all so different

Thank you both!

Hi Tala,
I am from Calgary and when I moved here I was referred to Dr. Bertus Eksteen.
So far everything has been going really well, my PSC seems to be in remission or inactive at the moment.
I am not sure if you’re interested in specialists in Calgary, but if you have any more questions - feel free to contact me!

Thanks Augusto