Ursofalk capsules

Hi All,

New to site but I would appreciate any feedback!

I had liver transplant 7 yrs ago due to PSC. I found out 3 weeks ago after liver enzyme bloods were high and then had ultrasound scan and MRI which found PSC was starting to return. I was put on ursofalk capsules 250x 4 times daily. I immediately felt unwell later same day after taking tabs and it got worse daily, nausea, heartburn, very severe diarrhoea and after a week I ended up in hospital, after suffering some sort of seizure where I passed out briefly with severe dehydration and extremely low sodium reading, (all through the medics said NOT to stop tabs or reduce them).

After 2 days on fluids by a drip in hospital and now 3 days later I am fine again, still taking tabs.... now with no effect whatsoever. No side effects at all. Was it an initial reaction to meds, I don't know and the Drs cannot tell me why. Just curious as to0 what may have happened and hoping it won't happen again!!

The only side effects I had was a severe headache when I started taking URSO but they said it was prolly stress not urso

Thanks for your reply!

I hope you are doing much better now. My body seems to have adjusted now to the tablets and I am feeling ok again. Regular blood tests now to see if meds will have any effect on slowing down the PSC.... hopefully... we will see