Treatment - Ursofalk

An update on me!

Good news at my appointment with my specialist in March......comparing my MRI scans of my liver over the last few years show no change in my liver. Sods laws then 2 weeks later I have my first attack since I was diagnosed in 2007. Should have missed that appointment :)

I was in alot of pain for about 45 mins, but then back to normal relatively quickly. My Gamma GTs shot up to around 400 but have since come down to around 120. With me it seems to be only my gamma GTs that are high, the rest are still low. Has anyone else experienced this?

Speaking to my specialist a couple of days ago they gave me the option of starting to take medication to see if I see any benefit to my PSC, so they have put me on Ursofalk, or Ursodeoxycholic acid.

Has anyone tried this before or have any experiamce with it? I havent seen anyone mention Ursofalk in any of the discussions (might not have seen it so sorry if its been spoken about before) its mostly been about vancomycin.

Im not sure if Ursofalk is a subsitute for Vancomycin? I will check with my specialist when i see them next, thought i would check-in here with you all first!

Hello, I have been taking Ursofalk for a few years now on the advice of my liver consultant. He told me it is a drug normally used for dissolving gallstones, but works for us PSC sufferers by helping to melt away any sand build up around our bile ducts. He prescribes it for many PSC patients as a matter of course as he believes it can help to slow down the path of the disease in some cases.

Yeah, my consultant said that it can be seen to slow down the progression of psc. have you noticed any changes in your symptoms or changes in your psc since taking it?