Urso and itchy skin..any advice?


I have been out of touch with hubby condition for a long while due to loads of other things happening at the same time.
Hubby was down with bad flu and cough and was given an antibiotic.
Almost finishing the course his itchy skin had gotten worst.
He has the itchy skin with the PSC but not this bad after the antibiotic.
Now he’s off it and had started on Urso. Its been a week now with the Urso but the itching is still so so bad.
Watching him in pain, makes it so difficult for me as I felt helpless and dont know what I could do. How long will the Urso take effect?
And hubby thinks the Dr had given him the incorrect dosage too.

Hi Jackl,
Sorry to hear your husbands itching is worse. There’s no guarantee Urso will eliminate itching. It didn’t touch mine though it helped thin the bile for better flow.
Ask his doctor about Rifampin. I took 300 mg twice a day and it eliminated my itching 98% at least. I took it four years prior to transplant. It was the only thing that brought sanity. Hope this helps.